Murat Aydin
12 years of experience in the IT industry
Dassault Systemes 3DExcite in Munich, Germany
Manager Project Development / Experience Creation
Development services and deliveries for big players in the market as subcontractor and as a manager international companies. Worked for private companies who are in the IT industry, as well as Turkish governments, ministries, and Turkish Special Forces.
Highly adaptable, foresighted, quick on-boarding, progressive, great planner, straight to the point.
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08/2019 - present
Munich, Germany
Dassault Systemes 3DExcite GmbH
Manager Project Development / Experience Creation -
09/2017 - 08/2019
Munich, Germany
KI Labs GmbH
Tech Lead
03/2017 - 08/2017
Oslo, Norway
The Future Group
Sr. Software Engineer
10/2011 - 06/2016
Ankara, Turkey
Podoces Technology
Founder and CEO
Subcontractor of
2015 - 2017
Ankara, Turkey
2013 - 2015
Stockholm, Sweden
2011 - 2017
Ankara, Turkey
2011 - 2017
Ankara, Turkey
04/2009 - 11/2010
Ankara, Turkey
Intel Corporation
Software Developer (Remote) Success Story
07/2009 - 12/2011
Ankara, Turkey
Bilisim Inovasyon Ltd.
Software Developer
FIELDS experience microservices linux cloud web penetration testing
TECHNICAL SKILLS go c++ c c# php python couchdb cassandra mysql mssql postgresql oracle kubernetes unreal-engine unity3d kinect VR-glasses cross-compiling
INDUSTRIES Mixed Realities Military Simulations Digitalization Games Pharmaceutical Chemicals Finance
CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYERS Intel Dassault Systemes Audi Porsche Mercedes Daimler VW Exyte Lanxess HDI / Talanx Turkish Ministries Turkish Governments Turkish Special Forces Tiga Future Group Podoces
filling the gaps supporting strategy feature discovery necessity determination
delivery solution milestones sprint planning resource management translation
costs estimations environment setup hiring outsourcing quality


Projects are ordered by relevance

  1. Taycan Configurator - Dassault Systemes
    A 3D WebGL car configurator for Porsche Taycan
  2. Lost in Time - The Future Group
    World's First Interactive Mixed Reality Show
  3. The Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System - Turkish Ministry of Health
    Providing Drug Safety and Prevents Counterfeiting
  4. KYK.NET - Turkish MinistrA 3D configurator for Porsche Taycany of Youth and Sports
    Manager for All Institutional Process Digitally
  5. Car Simulation + Hydraulic 6 DOF - Turkish Homicide Department
    Trains Homicide Staff for Car Chases
  6. Tsunami - Turksat
    Overall Management System for the only Satellite
  7. Wheeled Armored Vehicle Simulations - Special Forces Command, Turkey
    Software Performance Upgrades for Wheeled Armoured Vehicle Simulations
  8. Chemondis - Lanxess & Chemondis
    A B2B Chemical Marketplace
  9. Digital Coach Office - HDI/Talanx
    Automatize Insurance Coaches' Daily Activities
  10. Ebasis
    Remote Health Support for Old People
  11. Data Innovations - Daimler & Mercedes
    Data Innovations for Daimler and Mercedes
  12. Rivality: Zombie Attack - Funrock Media
    Mobile Strategy Game
A 3D WebGL car configurator for Porsche Taycan
Development Manager

In addition to revealing all the nitty-gritty details about the 2020 Taycan on Wednesday, Porsche launched the electric sedan's online configurator. That means we can see all the colors and wheels available for the new Taycan, and get a closer look at the available options -- and their prices.

World's First Interactive Mixed Reality Show
The Future Group
Sr. Software Engineer + Performance Enhancer + Cyber Security
oracle microservices go php linux bash jmeter python penetration-tools

Leading content creator FremantleMedia today announced Lost in Time, a newly-developed, first-of-its-kind entertainment format using Interactive Mixed Reality™ (IMR) on both TV and mobile devices.

Lost in Time is set to push the boundaries of television as we know it by incorporating real-time special effects pioneered in The Matrix that bring a feature film experience to the TV. Lost in Time allows viewers to compete in the show to win prizes through an iOS or Android app in a first-ever blending of primetime TV and mobile entertainment.

Lost in Time follows three contestants as they are transported into different eras including the Wild West, Ice Age, Medieval age and the Jurassic period where they compete in a series of epic challenges against the clock with the aim of winning one jackpot prize. The fast-paced entertainment show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they watch the contests battle it out to be crowned Champion.

Viewers can also be taken to the Lost in Time virtual world via a smartphone or tablet app where they are able to play against the show contestants as well as other players from across the country in real-time.

Providing Drug Safety and Prevention of Counterfeiting
in Podoces with Tiga for Turkish Ministry of Health
Backend Team Lead
php mysql java cron bash encryption qrcode

The Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System's (ITS) aim is to provide drug safety and prevent counterfeiting. System follows the supply chain from the production/importation to the end user.

ITS prevents the counterfeit and illegal drugs getting into the system by following the drugs at every step of the supply chain.

By using the electronic product code (2D Data Matrix), it is possible to track and trace every drug from the production line to warehouse, warehouse to pharmacy and pharmacy to the end user with this system.

System controls the drug sales and ensures that a drug is sold only once by getting notifications from manufacturers, importer, wholesalers, pharmacies and insurance companies.

In addition, this system greatly contributes to market assessments by providing big data to the decision makers.

Digital Manager for All Institutional Processes
Sr. Software Engineer + Team Lead for Financial Features
php python bash ssl mysql oracle .net

KYKNET Project enables “Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu” (KYK - Institution responsible for student loans and residences in Turkey - Ministry of Youth and Sports) to manage all institutional processes digitally.

The information provided by the students that applied to KYK undergoes an evaluation process after the information is verified.

After the evaluation process is completed digitally, the students are sorted according to their evaluation result and then the students are placed to the proper dorm nearby their location.

In order to carry out these processes properly, “Student Placement Project” has been put into practice by our company.

The students’ evaluation results and their universities/departments’ locations are taken into account by the placement algorithm. The algorithm is now in use by KYK and placements are done trouble-free.

Training of Homicide Staff for Car Chases
in Podoces for Turkish Homicide Department
Subcontractor + Development
iot c# unity3d pic sqlite servo-motors async 3-display

A driving simulation with a 6DOF machine for police force to train car chases.

This Hyundai model is the most common car for police forces in Turkey, especially for homicide department.

The engine is removed and replaced with a computer and servomotors of 6DOF machine. The car's pedals and lights are functional with the simulation's input. Original speakers are connected to the computer. 3 different monitors are used in front of the car.

Hydraulic 6DOF which is built for only this car simulation can carry 5 tons.

Digitalizing the cable infrastructure assets for the only Satellite Company in Turkey
in Podoces with Tiga for Turksat
Sr. Software Developer
.net mssql ios android

Tsunami Project is an overall management system, which has been primarily created for the purpose of digitalizing the cable infrastructure assets, and additionally avails the fulfillment of several management needs using a single system.

Tsunami project, first and foremost, created to digitalize the cable infrastructure assets of TURKSAT. It also serves as a single comprehensive system to satisfy all management needs of our customer.

Turksat Satellite Communications and Cable TV Operations Company (Turkish: Türksat Uydu Haberleşme Kablo TV ve İşletme A.Ş.) is the sole communications satellite operator in Turkey.

The system has 4 main parts: project management, inventory management, field & team management, mobile platform.

By integrating TURKSAT network information into the CBS environment TURKSAT definetly detects the reason of the problem with the help of this project in case of any trouble. In this way, any possible problems will be solved within the shortest time.

Software Performance Upgrades for Military Simulation

This is not a public project and all details are confidential.

A B2B Chemical Marketplace
in KI Labs for Lanxess + Chemondis
Team Lead
python django azure kubernetes jenkins cdn metabase iupac indigo

We connect experts from the worlds of Chemistry & Technology. It is that combination and approach that makes us unique.

Extensive chemical knowhow, deep customer insights, and trust as a proven core value on one hand and technology, new business ideas and an agile mindset on the other. We combine more than a century of expertise in chemicals with state-of-the-art technology.

We connect suppliers and buyers of chemical products. All companies. All products. In one trusted marketplace.

Chemical business is complex and requires trust and we embrace that. And that’s why we stand for trustworthiness. It’s the bedrock of our character. It’s what you can hold us accountable for.

Automatization of Insurance Coaches' Daily Activities
in KI Labs for HDI/Talanx
Tech Lead
serverless go aws lambda sns mariadb dynamodb bash teamcity

The software aims to bring the top German insurance into the digital working environment and will revolutionize and strengthen sales. It is a data-driven mobile app to simplify and optimize the internal sales processes at scale.

This is not a public project and other details are confidential.

Remote Health Support for Old People
in Podoces with Tiga
Tech Lead
unity3d c# c++ matlab image-recognition kinect2

A patient software that can be commanded by doctors to give tasks to old patients or to check their health status with Kinect 2

Ebasis is in development with Kinect 2 and Microsoft Band to serve home health care systems. It watchs unwell and elderly people in their home, without breaking privacy rules and without disturbing them, and keeps records about their activities, pulse, emergency situations, and creates reports.

It collects state statistics, watches pulse and reports immediately, emergency signals when high or low pulse detected, sends emergency signal with a special hand movement which is custom created by a patient, sends emergency signal when a patient fell into the ground, watches, records and reports exercises.

Data Innovations for Daimler and Mercedes
in KI Labs for Daimler and Mercedes Benz
Sr. Software Engineer

Innovations aims to make data serviceable for internal and external projects of Daimler and Mercedes.

This is not a public project and other details are confidential.

A Mobile Strategy Game
in Podoces for Funrock Media AB
Lead Developer
unity3d c# android ios

A mobile strategy game includes 2 layer zoomable map, tactical system, structure levels, unit levels, damage and repair, grid system, environmental units, rivers, mountains, conquer, market, discovery, assignments, prices, in-app payments, science and development, different military units, different structures, 2D orthographic camera, artificial intelligence and zombies.


Penetration tests and security patches are ordered by relevance


AKBIS is developed in order to provide management of and coordination between all Ak Parti units. The management information systems provided under the AKBIS package, designed to contain all units and their activities of the party. Thus, all the processes and related documents are transferred to the electronic environment and tracking/management of these are now can be done on this digital platform.


Turkish Patent Institute has hereby been established, as an independent legal entity with a special budget being attached to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to be liable under special judiciary provisions for matters not provisioned by this Decree-Law, with the objective of supporting the technological development in Turkey and of establishing and protecting of industrial property rights, as well as providing the public with the worldwide information on industrial property rights, thereby supporting the cultivation of a competitive environment and the development of research & development activities. The Turkish Patent Institute established as a public institution shall have ''TPE'' as its initials.

in KI Labs for Welthungerhilfe

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany, without political or religious affiliation. Since Welthungerhilfe was founded in 1962 each sitting German President has been its patron. The President of Welthungerhilfe and the Supervisory Board represent the organisation externally and advise its Executive Board. The full-time Executive Board manages the activities of Welthungerhilfe.

  1. Intel Success Story
  2. A special Unity3D course is given for Directorate General for Innovation and Education of Turkey
  3. Opened a Unity3D course, first in Ankara / Turkey
  4. A PHP course is given for The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation development team
  5. "Oyungezer" and "Level" / Turkish game magazine appearance for the things made for Intel
  6. Attendance at Global Game Jam events
  7. Attendance at University Football Tournaments as Goalkeeper